We Love Travel Advisors 2021
Letter from the Publisher
This past year was an unprecedented period for travel advisors. No one can remember a time when all travel bookings ceased for so long. But now that there is encouraging news on world health improvements and some lifted travel restrictions, travel advisors are returning to the top of their clientele’s contact list. There has never been a better time for the public to partner with a travel advisor for booking much-needed vacations, destination weddings, family reunions or just that simple change-of-scene getaway.

Travel advisors are the appreciated go-to experts for helping voyagers step back into the world with confidence. Travel advisors masterfully navigate industry fluctuations, rearrange itineraries should current events require a swift change of plans, and utilize resources and connections to deliver the optimal travel experience to their clients.

For these reasons — and many more — we at
Travel Weekly and TravelAge West want to take this moment to thank the travel advisor community for all that you do. We admire your dedication, we appreciate your expertise and we are so grateful to you for serving as an ally for the traveling public.

And we’re not the only ones who are thankful for you. Within this guide are suppliers from across the travel industry who greatly value the work that advisors are doing — and support you, your business and your clients. These suppliers understand that trust and confidence are paramount to keeping the travel industry moving forward.

So thank you, travel advisors! We look forward to a bright future, knowing we’re all stronger together.

Anthony Carnevale
Senior Vice President | Group Publisher
Travel Weekly and TravelAge West

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